The future of business is offense.

The future of business is offense.

The future of business is offense.The future of business is offense.The future of business is offense.

Every person you hire should exhibit the tendency, the talent, and the drive to innovate. I show them how.

The Process

Phase One: Education


 You provide a group of 4-to-7 employees,

a Fire Team, on a mission to become commerce artists who do "the only work that matters." We begin with a 2-lessons-per-day course on the Connection Economy. Because someone's reputation must be on the line, a leader is selected. 

Duration: 2 weeks. 

Phase Two: Ideation


The Team has become fluent in my proprietary concepts of "Static Cling," and "Supermodeling." Now that they understand what a "Pink Porpoise" is, we put our heads together, knowing "the marketing of the product must be intrinsic to the product itself." 

Duration: 2 weeks.

Phase Three: Innovation


 In the immortal words of Steve Jobs, "True artists ship." In only 60-to-90 days, the Team will have created a new product/service. The even better news is innovation is a contagion the group will almost certainly spread to co-workers. Fire Teams can transform organizations. 

Duration: 4 to 8 weeks.

excerpt from "Connectivity Training" - Unit 2

"... and there are three new truths every modern business must understand.

1. Marketing is no longer just another department. Everything an organization does, from the way the phone is answered to what the invoice looks like, is marketing now.

2. Every organization must be continually innovating, because of the dual forces of compressed product cycles and the rate at which today's products commoditize.

3. The future of work is teamwork. Small teams can work wonders. The US Army has long known the optimal-sized team is 4-to-7 people. Three is too few but after seven members, a small group starts behaving like a committee."